video-2When assessing plumbing and drain blockages the best way to determine the problem is to get a close up view.

At Larkin Plumbing we use state-of-the-art video equipment to that allows us to pinpoint exactly what and where your plumbing, leak protection, or drain blockage problem is.

Our high tech plumbing video equipment can investigate drains, sewer lines, water pipe lines, vacuum tubes, and storm drains. We can even investigate pipes as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter!

Our sophisticated plumbing video cameras have their own light source, making sure we do not miss anything that may be causing your plumbing problems.

The cameras send the signal back to our video interface so that we can clearly see and detect root intrusion, faults and cracks in your pipes, sanitary lines and storm drains, We can also locate valves, fittings and faults in water lines.

Each member of our professional plumbing service technicians receives extensive training with this state of the art plumbing video equipment to ensure proficiency so that you always receive reliable and dependable service.