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You may be experiencing some minor plumbing issues at home that don’t necessarily require the services of a professional plumber, but you don’t know exactly how to correct the problem. No worries! Our experienced Las Vegas plumbing technicians are here to share their best DIY tips and tricks for you to implement immediately to stop the issue and prevent further damage.

How to Prevent Hair Clogs

This is one of the most common plumbing issues that homeowners will run into on a regular basis. Hair can clog up quickly if precautions are not taken to prevent stray hairs from entering the drain. Our first recommendation is to purchase a simple drain catcher, which is a straining device you place over the drain that will stop hair from entering the plumbing system. You can easily remove and dispose of the hair whenever you notice a buildup on the drain catcher. You can read our full guide on how to prevent hair clogs in order to keep your drains clean.

How to Use a Drain Snake

If you don’t have a drain catcher and your drain is starting to back up because water is not exiting as quickly as it should, this is a good time to take action before the clog becomes a more significant issue that requires professional assistance. We do not recommend chemical drain cleaners as it could damage your pipes and be a health hazard to you and your family. The best solution is to invest in a drain snake to physically remove the clog:

1. Put the end of the snake into the drain
2.Turn the handle on the drum to start pushing the snake down the drain
3.Keep the snake moving down the drain until you feel resistance from the blockage
4.Apply pressure to rotate the snake to break up the clog or catch it in the auger
5.Once you feel the twisting getting easier, pull the auger out of the drain (the clog may be attached or it may have been broken up and pushed down the pipe)
6.Run water at the highest level for a few minutes to confirm the clog has cleared. If not, repeat the steps again.

The friendly staff at our Larkin Plumbing Showroom is happy to help you choose the best snake for your drain and walk you through the process if you have questions.

How to Stop Running Toilets

Stopping a running toilet is one of the easiest fixes you can do yourself. Once you understand the mechanics of a typical toilet, you will be able to do most simple repairs with very few issues. The most common reason a toilet keeps running is that the flapper is not completely closing and therefore failing to create a tight seal so the toilet tank has a chance to fill up. The water keeps running because the tank never reaches the level in which it’s considered full.

There are a couple things that may be causing the flapper to fail. The first reason is the flapper chain is too short or tangled, preventing the flapper from closing. In this case, you can simply loosen the flapper chain allowing a little more slack. If the flapper chain cannot be untangled, a replacement is very inexpensive and can be purchased at our Larkin Plumbing Showroom.

The other reason is the flapper is broken or worn out and no longer creates a tight seal when closing. To confirm, take a look inside your tank. If the chain is long enough and not restraining the flapper, chances are the flapper itself is the issue. Again, a replacement flapper is an inexpensive purchase and is very easy to install. Ask the experts at our Larkin Plumbing Showroom for assistance in finding the exact replacement flapper for your toilet.

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Tips to Stop Odors from Drain

We often get questions related to sink odors, especially kitchen and bathroom sink drains. Generally, these odors are a result of clogs and bacterial buildup caused by food, hair, grease, and other substances that have built up inside the pipe. If this is the case, you should try using a drain snake and following the steps above to remove the clog. Make sure you run the water on high at the hottest setting to flush out any remaining debris.

If the odor coming from the sink is more of a sewer smell, this can be a sign that sewer gas is rising up through the drain because the drain trap is empty. This is especially common with drains that are not often used. If you have drains that don’t see consistent action, take some time to run water through these drains on a regular basis to keep the traps full. This should correct the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Need help with a stinky drain? Call the plumbing experts at Larkin Plumbing today. 

Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

The first tip to keeping your garbage disposal clean is to allow it to run a little bit longer even after the grinding has stopped. This ensures that all small debris is cleared from the disposal and rinsed down the drain. Also, be very selective of the biodegradeable material you put in your garbage disposal. Some more fibrous or starchy foods can create a net or paste that will prevent the blades from spinning freely. And NEVER pour grease down your garbage disposal.

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