If you’ve noticed your water has a metallic taste or your water fixtures and appliances have an excessive buildup of minerals, you most likely have a hard water problem and it’s time to install a new water softener.

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What is “Hard” Water?

Water that is high in mineral content, particularly magnesium and calcium, is considered to be “hard” water. Hard water is problematic because it can compromise your plumbing system by creating a buildup of minerals in your pipes, water fixtures, and appliances. The water supply in Henderson, Summerlin & Las Vegas is notoriously ‘hard’. This can lead to several issues including:

  • Restricted water flow
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Ineffectiveness of laundry detergent
  • Cloudy or murky dishware
  • Stained sinks and tubs
  • Lowered energy efficiency
  • Dry skin and hair

What Does a Water Softener Do?

A water softener is able to reduce excess metals and minerals in your water supply. An ion-exchange water softener removes magnesium and calcium ions in the water supply and replaces them with sodium ions, effectively “softening” the water.

The tank of the water softener is filled with resin beads that collect the hard water ions. When the tank reaches a certain level, they are flushed out.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener System

Most people notice an immediate difference with their water supply once the water softener has been installed. However, there are also several long-term benefits that will help prolong the life of your pipes and fixtures as well. Some of the benefits of using a professional water softening system include:

  • No more mineral buildup in kitchen appliances
  • Better tasting drinking water
  • Less limescale on faucets, drains, and other plumbing fixtures
  • Cleaner, sparkling dishes and glassware
  • Less skin irritation

Professional Water Softener Installation & Service

Unfortunately, Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin are notorious for hard water. This means you’re most likely dealing with hard water if you live in the Las Vegas Valley. If you’re in need of a water softener system, it’s important to make sure it’s installed by professionals to make sure the system can handle the volume of water you’re using. If it’s time to install a water softener system in your home or business, call the experts at Larkin Plumbing today!

Why Choose Larkin Plumbing?

Larkin Plumbing is committed to giving you a cleaner, better-tasting water supply and to preserve your pipes, fixtures, and appliances with the highest quality water softener systems.

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