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A common myth is that if you have a clogged drain, pipes or septic tank all your problems will go away by pouring a drain cleaning chemical down your drain. While there are some of the best magic acts in the world in the Las Vegas area, drain cleaning chemicals are not one of them.

What many people do not know, is that most of these drain cleaning chemicals are actually harmful for your drains, pipes and septic tanks.

Drain cleaning chemicals are corrosive to your pipes and may often deteriorate the essential chemicals in your septic tank that are needed for breaking down sewage.

The true source of many drain and pipe blockages are often deeper in the pipe system than the homeowner, property owner, or business owner may realize. It is also not uncommon for families or business owners to go out and buy over the counter drain cleaning chemicals on a regular basis, which is a sign that the problem is more severe than they realize.

The only way to ensure your drains, pipes and septic tanks are completely clear of obstructions that are currently or may cause future back-ups, overflows, or flooding in your home or commercial business is to contact a professional plumbing and drain cleaning service.

As a trusted plumbing and drain cleaning service in the Las Vegas area for over 75 years, Larkin Plumbing’s drain cleaning service will eliminate backed up or blocked drains and pipes without harming your drains, pipes and septic tank. We can also introduce you to safe non-corrosive alternatives to the common harmful over the counter drain cleaning chemicals that can help eliminate unpleasant odors coming from your drain. We can also share other tips for eliminating drain odors.

When it comes to a suspected drain, pipe or septic tank blockage, it is always better to be safe than sorry. When you observe any of the signs of a plumbing blockage, contact a professional plumbing company that will do a thorough assessment and investigation of your plumbing system. Contact the plumbing and drain cleaning service that has been trusted for over 75 years. Call Larkin Plumbing today at (702) 382-2410, or Toll Free at (888) 592-2530.