Set of tools and instruments in box isolated on background.
Set of tools and instruments in box isolated on background

Everyone has to deal with plumbing problems at some point. It’s much less of a headache if you plan ahead and have the right tools for plumbing on hand. Plumbing issues need to be dealt with quickly in order to prevent extensive damage from occurring. Make sure you have all the necessary tools within easy access to simplify repairs.

Plumbing Tools List

Here’s a list of plumbing supplies that you can easily find at your local plumber supply store and includes everything you’ll need for successful bathroom maintenance.

1. Plunger

A plunger is one of the most versatile plumber tools. It’s suitable for unclogging drain vents and clearing clogged pipes. It’s best to purchase a quality plunger with a long handle for better reach.

2. Pipe Cutters

 A pipe cutter is essential for cutting drain pipes. With both a tube and a pipe cutter, you can cut through a variety of pipe sizes quickly and easily. Just be sure you buy a quality cutter with a comfortable grip and sharp blades.

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3. Channel Locks

This multi-purpose tool is ideal for tightening, loosening, or bending metal parts. It can grip nuts, bolts, and pressurized pipes with one or two arms. Channel locks also work for flexible joints, such as adjusting an air conditioner valve. Make sure you purchase a channel lock that can adapt to your sink or faucet so that it won’t cause any damage.

4. Adjustable Wrench

Plumber hands holding wrench and fixing a sink in bathroom.

This all-purpose tool is the perfect wrench for water heaters, sinks, and faucets. With jaws that open up to 4 inches wide, you can get a tight grip on any size pipe.

5. Drain Snake

A drain snake is essential to clear pipes clogged with hair, soap scum, and other debris. Drain snakes are cables that are pushed into a drain to move a clog. A smaller clog can sometimes be pushed down the drain, but a larger one may need to be pulled up through the pipe and discarded.

6. Level

When plumbing needs to be updated or replaced, a leveling device can help you get the plumbing in the perfect position. A level is a quick way to ensure everything is lined up and in the right place.

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7. Metal Snips

Metal snips are useful for cutting through metal. While commonly used for industrial-sized jobs, they are equally helpful for other projects around the house. They are available in different lengths and sizes, so you can purchase the one that best meets your needs. 

8. Plumber’s Tape

Working plumber install faucet.

Plumbers tape is essential for creating a waterproof seal around pipe joints to prevent plumbing leaks. It’s a thin tape wrapped around threads on pipes and fittings before being twisted together. 

9. Pipe Threader

If you need to do some DIY repairs, a pipe threader is a must. Once you have your pipe cut, the ends need to be finished off with a pipe threader. This tool easily cuts threads at the ends of a pipe so they can connect. 

10. Augers

These tools consist of a flexible stainless steel corkscrew that reaches down the drain to help dislodge and clear clogs. Augers are similar to drain snakes but generally used for larger jobs such as unclogging a toilet or shower drain.

11. Hacksaw

Sometimes the only solution to your plumbing problems is to replace the piping. If this is the case for you, a hacksaw is especially handy. Ensure all pipes are emptied of water before sawing to prevent a mess.

12. Plumbers Torch

Soldering copper pipe with torch.

These come in all sizes and easily fit into a home plumbing tool kit. A plumber’s torch is excellent for light soldering to join pipes for repair, fix leaks, or replace older pipes. Not only is a torch super handy for pipe repairs, but it can also be used for lighting an outdoor fire, freeing sticky nuts and bolts, preventing fraying on nylon ropes, and other metalworking projects. 

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Now you know the 12 best plumbing tools to keep in your plumbing supply house. Keeping the essential plumbing tools and equipment on hand stops you from having to waste time running to the plumbing shop whenever an emergency happens. Protect your home, save time, and keep everything running smoothly. 
As always, it’s important to know when you have a repair that is too big to handle on your own. Calling in a professional plumber can help prevent further damage and get your home back into working order as soon as possible.