When it comes to commercial drain clogs, pouring harsh chemicals down your drain just isn’t going to cut it, no matter how much you put in there. You need the services of a professional commercial plumber with the tools and expertise to clear your drains the right way and get you back up and running.

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What Causes Commercial Plumbing Clogs?

There are several common causes for commercial plumbing clogs, including:

  • Food waste, cooking oil, and grease buildup
  • Putting or pouring things not meant to go down the drain or in garbage disposals
  • Soap scum
  • Dirt and mud
  • Excessive use of toilet paper
  • Flushing of feminine hygiene products and paper towels
  • Tree roots growing into sewer lines

How Often Should Commercial Drains Be Cleaned?

Commercial drains should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and maintain proper functioning. The frequency of drain cleaning will depend on several factors, including the type of commercial facility, the amount of usage, and the type of waste that goes down the drain.

It is usually recommended that commercial drains be professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, facilities that experience heavy use or deal with greasy substances may need more frequent cleanings, possibly every three to six months.

You should also monitor your drains and watch for signs of slow drainage, recurring clogs, or foul odors coming from the drain. These are signs you need to schedule a professional commercial drain cleaning.

You can avoid costly repairs and downtime by staying proactive and keeping up with regular drain maintenance. At Larkin Plumbing, we can perform regular drain inspections to help you determine the most appropriate drain cleaning schedule for your Las Vegas business.

Is It Easy to Clean Drains at Work?

Cleaning drains at work varies in difficulty depending on the type of drain, level of blockage, and access to the proper tools and equipment. For example, it is relatively easy to unclog a drain with a plunger to remove hair or toilet paper clogs from a bathroom sink or toilet.

However, most commercial drain and sewer systems are more complex. So it is best to leave the job to our professional plumbers, who have the expertise and specialized equipment needed to clean and clear a clogged drain. Commercial drain cleaning also requires knowledge of building codes, safety regulations, and proper techniques to avoid causing damage or making the problem worse.

Why Is It Important to Have Commercial Drains Cleaned Regularly?

It is important to have commercial drains professionally cleaned regularly for these reasons:

  • Prevents blockages: Over time, organic matter, grease, soap scum, and other debris can build up in commercial drains, leading to clogs. Regular cleaning helps prevent clogs from occurring.
  • Prevents foul odors: When drains are clogged or dirty, they can emit unpleasant odors that may be noticeable to employees and customers. Keeping drains clean helps eliminate these odors and maintain a pleasant environment in the workplace.
  • Prevents plumbing emergencies: Clogged drains can cause serious plumbing problems, such as overflowing sinks or toilets, burst pipes, and water damage. Regular drain cleaning by a commercial plumber helps prevent these emergencies from happening and avoids costly repairs.
  • Extends the lifespan of plumbing systems: Regularly removing buildup and debris from inside commercial drains helps extend the lifespan of your commercial plumbing system by reducing wear on pipes and fixtures

What Are the Benefits of Larkin Plumbing’s Commercial Drain Cleaning Services?

Several benefits of hiring Larkin Plumbing and our Las Vegas plumbers include:

  • Expertise: Our commercial plumbers have the knowledge, experience, and specialized tools to clean and unclog commercial drains effectively. They identify the cause of drain issues and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Preventative maintenance: Regular commercial drain cleaning prevents costly plumbing emergencies. When drain pipes are being cleaned, our commercial plumbers in Las Vegas also inspect your entire plumbing system to identify small issues that need to be fixed. This helps prevent them from turning into major issues and saves you time and money.
  • Detailed drain cleaning: Our professional drain cleaners use high-powered equipment such as hydro-jetting machines to fix and clean a clogged drain. Once cleaned, the drains are as good as new, and proper drainage is ensured.
  • Health and safety compliance: Maintaining clean and sanitary conditions in commercial facilities is crucial for health and safety compliance regulations. Our professional drain cleaning services help eliminate bacteria, odors, and other contaminants that can pose a risk to employees and customers.
  • Cost savings: Investing in professional commercial drain cleaning services may seem like an added expense. However, in the long run, it actually saves you money. By preventing major plumbing issues, you will not need our emergency plumbers in Las Vegas. So, you reduce your overall repair costs and also minimize downtime.
  • Safe solutions: Larkin Plumbing cares about the environment. We only use safe, non-corrosive alternatives to harmful chemicals and specialized tools to safely clean and fix clogged drains.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

Our commercial drain cleaning services in Las Vegas include:

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