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Whether you are renovating your bathroom, want to give it a new look, or your current toilet needs to be replaced, you need to know about the different types of toilets. There are several different styles, designs, and other options to choose. Taking the time to learn more about toilet types will help you choose the best one for your bathroom.

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What should I consider before buying a toilet?

Besides different toilet types, you need to consider your specific needs to choose the best toilet. Some of the most important considerations include the following:


The toilet size you purchase should be appropriate for the area where it will be installed, considering factors such as available space and existing fixtures. Therefore, the first thing you should do is measure the space your current toilet occupies.


Since you are replacing the toilet, you should consider its height. If your current toilet feels too low to the ground, you should look at a taller one. For example, some toilets are 17 inches or higher off the floor, perfect for taller people, seniors, or people with disabilities.

Installation requirements: 

Make sure to understand all installation requirements before making a purchase. This includes both plumbing connections needed and any other specific instructions the toilet manufacturer provides. If you want to relocate your toilet, you will need to have your plumber move the sewer and water lines.

Bowl shape: 

The two bowl shapes available with toilets are round and elongated oval. Toilets with round bowls take up less space and are perfect in smaller bathrooms. Elongated oval toilets are larger and provide better comfort. 

Flushing system: 

There are a few different flushing systems available with toilets. Single flush is the most common. Dual flush allows you to save water with two different flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. 

There is also pressure-assisted flushing, which uses less water and a special pressurized flushing device in the snake to produce a more powerful flush. Clogs are less likely with this type of flashing system as well.


There are a few different profile options you can choose from, such as skirted, visible trap, and concealed trap. Skirted profiles are perfect for contemporary bathroom designs. Visible trap is the most common and shows the trap on the outside of the toilet base. Concealed trap is well-suited for bathrooms that have a modern design. 

Seat features:

Toilets have come a long way and offer a variety of different seat features, such as:

  • Built-in nightlight – There is a nightlight to help make it easier to see the toilet at night without having to turn the lights on.
  • Heated – Some toilet seats have a heat option that keeps the seat warm and increases your comfort when it is cold.
  • Soft close – The lid closes slowly, so it is never slammed shut.
  • Easy release – The toilet seat can be removed for more detailed cleaning. 
  • Bidet – A bidet seat offers better cleaning with warm water, an air dryer, a heated seat, a massage mode, and a nightlight.


While white is the most common color people think of for residential toilets and commercial toilets, it is not your only option. Two other popular toilet colors are black and almond. Black fits well with modern bathroom styles. Almond, on the other hand, provides an “off-white” color option. In addition, there are plenty of other toilet colors to choose from, including red and blue.

What are the different types of toilets?

a wall mounted toilet

  • One-Piece toilets: This type of toilet has its tank and bowl molded as one unit, making it easier to clean and creating a more modern look. 
  • Two-Piece toilets: This is the most common type of toilet, with a separate tank and bowl. They are easier to maintain since you can replace the base or the toilet tank when there are problems. 
  • Wall-Mounted toilets: A wall-mounted toilet is attached directly to the wall behind it, allowing for extra space in the bathroom as there is no need for a floor-mounted base. However, a wall drain is required for mounting.
  • High-Efficiency toilets (HETs): HETs use less water than standard toilets while still providing excellent performance due to their increased flushing power. 
  • Smart toilets: Smart toilets offer a range of features, such as different flush and cleaning options, music, and heated seats. 
  • Bidet toilets: This is a different toilet type designed with an integrated bidet system that allows users to wash themselves and flush the toilet with one single device for added convenience and hygiene benefits.
  • Urinal: A urinal is a wall-mounted toilet type for liquid waste. They are popular for bachelor pads. They also help conserve water.

What type of toilet is best for my home?

The best type of toilet for your home depends on the size of your bathroom, how much water you want to use, and what features are important to you. If space is an issue, a two-piece or wall-mounted toilet may be the best option. 

A high-efficiency toilet (HET) may be the better choice for those looking for increased efficiency and performance. Lastly, if hygiene is a priority, then a bidet toilet may be the ideal choice.

Why should I have a plumber install my new toilet?

Installing a new toilet might seem like an easy DIY project; however, it is highly recommended to use a professional plumber. It is essential to ensure all connections are correctly hooked up, and that there are no leaks. 

In addition, if you need the toilet moved, the repiping work should be completed by a plumber to ensure it meets current building codes. They also know what materials should be used to provide a long-lasting installation that works well for you.

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