man removing toilet tank

There are plenty of reasons to replace a toilet tank. The old toilet finally stopped working properly, and the repairs cost more than it’s worth. You want to lower the amount of water you use and save some money. The house you just bought came with a toilet someone else has been sitting on for 15 years. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to remove a toilet tank. 

This can be a relatively simple job and a task you can accomplish in a couple of hours. The knowledge you’ll need would be widely considered beginner-level. However, you’ll want to know what you’re doing before you create a larger mess than you started with. Let’s take a look at the steps to follow.

Assessing the Situation 

Before you begin, you’ll want to double-check that you need to remove the toilet tank. Some projects might only require replacing a toilet handle or other internal components. Once you’ve established that you need to deal with their entire reservoir, you need to know how to remove the tank from a toilet. 

Turn off the Water

Whenever you are working on a toilet, the first step you need to take is stopping the flow of water. Behind your toilet, there should be a water shut-off valve. It tends to be on the wall but sometimes can be found on the floor. You’ll be able to identify it as the water shut-off valve, as it should be the only hose running to your toilet from a point in the room. 

Disconnect the Water Supply

Now that the water is off, it’s safe to remove the hose connecting the tank to the water supply. A set of pliers will make this job easier. You might only need to disconnect the hose from the reservoir and not the wall, though you can do both to completely eliminate the hose from your workspace. If you leave it connected to the wall, it will save you some time when installing the new tank. 

Empty the Toilet

Next, you’ll want to empty the toilet tank and bowl of all water. With the water off, flush the toilet. Make sure to hold the handle to allow all of the water in the reservoir to drain. Use a large sponge or absorbent cloth to empty any remaining water from the bowl into a bucket. Rubber gloves are strongly recommended for this process. 

Remove the Mounting Bolts

With all of the liquid now absent, it’s time to focus on the bolts that fasten the tank to the seat. These are located underneath the rear of the unit. There should be a set of mounting bolts, one on each side, that secures the tank. You’ll want to remove the nuts first. This might require the use of a screwdriver to hold the bolt from the interior of the tank. 

Once the nuts are off, fully remove the bolts from the tank. This will allow the tank to be set aside and rest easier, rather than on two small bolts. 

Dispose of the Old Toilet Tank

Once the tank is off the toilet, you’ll want to remove it from your home. Check with your local trash collection company to see if they’ll take bulk items such as this. If not, you’ll want to dispose of it at your closest waste collection facility. It’s a good idea to have a general idea of where you’re taking the old tank before you remove it. 

Do you need help with your toilet? Contact your local plumber if you need help with toilet or plumbing issues.

Install New Tank

To make the toilet operational again, you’ll want to install a new tank. These steps are similar to the reverse of what you’ve just completed. For the DIY plumber, these might not be difficult. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it is best to find the instructions and follow them carefully. 

Review Before You Begin

Now that you’ve read how to remove a toilet tank, it’s a good idea to review what you’ve learned. The actual work should only take around half an hour. Have pliers, gloves, a bucket, and a sponge ready to use. Turn off the water, remove the water, and then remove the tank. Remember to have an idea of what you are going to do with the tank before you begin. 

Should you do this by yourself?

That’s often the question to ask when dealing with plumbing issues. Is this going to be a moderately simple repair, like changing out valve seats, or something more complicated and time-consuming? If you’re having doubts about your ability to perform the task, it’s probably time to call a professional. 

Professional plumbers, especially Las Vegas-based experts, are more than up to the task of helping you replace a toilet tank. They’ll prevent you from watching numerous YouTube videos that aren’t helpful, and they can also complete the repair faster and more efficiently than you may be able to. To save a lot of time and energy for yourself, contact your local plumber today to schedule service.

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