Larkin Plumbing offers commercial leak detection services in Las Vegas for businesses of all sizes. With almost 90 years of experience, we have the expertise and technology to quickly identify and repair leaks in commercial buildings, saving companies time and money on costly repairs.

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Our skilled commercial plumbers are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable service to ensure minimal disruption to your business, day or night. Trust us for prompt commercial leak detection and all of your commercial plumbing needs.

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Why Should Commercial Leaks Be Fixed As Soon As Possible?

Commercial leaks should be fixed as soon as possible for several reasons, including:

  • Prevents property damage: Leaks can lead to water damage, mold growth, and structural integrity issues in commercial buildings. By having us find and fix leaks promptly, you can prevent damage to your property and costly repair bills.
  • Saves money on utility bills: Plumbing leaks waste a significant amount of water, resulting in higher utility bills for businesses
  • Prevents disruptions to business operations: Water leaks can disrupt normal business operations by causing downtime, health hazards, or safety concerns for employees and customers
  • Helps conserve water: Conserving water in Las Vegas is essential for everyone, including businesses. Many water providers are starting to require leak detection monitoring and are implementing fines and penalties when leaks are not fixed promptly.

What Types of Commercial Leaks Can We Find?

Our commercial plumbers have the equipment, tools, and experience to find and fix commercial leaks in:

Prompt response is key when it comes to commercial plumbing leaks. Getting a minor leak fixed means you will most likely avoid expensive repairs and water damage clean-up associated with major leaks down the road. If you suspect a potential leak in your office or commercial business, it’s time to have one of our professional Las Vegas plumbers take a look.

Signs That You May Have a Commercial Plumbing Leak

Not all leaks are created equal. You can see visible plumbing leaks when there is water dripping from fixtures or water puddling in places where it shouldn’t — like around a toilet or water heater. Unfortunately, knowing that your commercial property has a leak is not always that easy. Knowing what signs to look for could help identify a potential leak before it becomes a more serious plumbing problem. Some common signs to look for that could indicate a plumbing leak include:

  • Sudden increase in your water bills
  • Water meter continues to increase even when all water is shut off
  • Sounds of running water when nothing is being used
  • Continuously running toilets
  • Musty odors coming from the walls or ceilings
  • Discoloration of the walls, ceilings, or flooring
  • Soft or spongy textures on walls or floors
  • Cracked or damp foundations
  • Excessive moisture that creates mildew
  • The sudden appearance of mold
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Increased growth of foliage around the property
  • Constant wet spots on landscaped areas

If you notice any one of these signs, it often indicates you have a plumbing leak that needs to be located and fixed before it leads to significant damage to your commercial property. If you don’t know where the leak is coming from, the damage will only continue to get worse. Fortunately, Larkin Plumbing is here to help. Our trained technicians will fully assess your plumbing system to pinpoint exactly where the leak is.

Dangers of Water Damage Caused By Plumbing Leaks

If a commercial plumbing leak is not repaired quickly, the water damage can be disastrous for your business. In addition to the physical damage done to the property, you and your employees could be exposed to toxic mold and unsafe working conditions. The destruction can be substantial depending on how long the leak was left untreated.

Water damage can also lead to the weakening of a building’s structure, the risk of fire due to electrical damage, uneven flooring that can result in falls, and other dangerous situations. To avoid these issues and the substantial costs that come with them, having our commercial leak detection plumbers check for leaks regularly is a smart move.

How Do Plumbers Find Leaks?

Our Las Vegas plumbers use various methods and tools to find leaks in commercial buildings:

  • Visual inspections: Our plumbers visually inspect plumbing fixtures, pipes, and connections for signs of water leaks, such as damp spots, water stains, or corrosion
  • Pressure testing: Our leak detection plumbers can perform pressure tests on plumbing systems to check for pressure drops that indicate a leak
  • Acoustic equipment: Our plumbers use specialized equipment to listen for sounds of running water within walls, under floors, or through cabinets
  • Infrared imaging: Thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature differences caused by water leaks to identify spots that may indicate a leak
  • Video camera equipment: Video camera equipment can be used to feed small cameras down pipes to pinpoint water leaks

Are Leak Detection Plumbers Worth It?

By quickly identifying and repairing leaks in commercial buildings, our commercial leak detection plumbers can prevent extensive damage that may lead to costly repairs. Our plumbers also have the expertise and tools to quickly find and locate leaks to stop potential damages sooner. We understand leaks can occur at any time, which is why our emergency plumbers in Las Vegas are available 24/7 to find plumbing leaks and fix them quickly.

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When searching for “leak detection near me,” look no further than the plumbing experts at Larkin Plumbing. We use the most advanced leak detection technology and equipment to find the plumbing leak. Once we locate it, we thoroughly assess the damages and what is needed to fix it to prevent further damage to your commercial property.

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