A major plumbing leak can be devastating to a commercial business or office, often halting operations completely until the leak can be repaired. The aftermath can be just as damaging with electrical problems, toxic mold, and structural issues to the property. Additionally, your water bill may increase substantially if a leak goes undetected for a long time.

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Prevention is key when it comes to plumbing leaks. Getting ahead of a minor leak means you will most likely avoid expensive repairs associated with major leaks down the road. If you suspect a potential leak in your office or commercial business, it’s time to have a professional Las Vegas plumber take a look.

Signs That You May Have a Plumbing Leak

Not all leaks are created equal. You can see visible plumbing leaks when there is water dripping from fixtures, or there is water puddling in places where it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

When a plumbing leak is not obvious, here are some signs to look for that could help:

  • Sudden increase to your water bill
  • Changes in your water meter readings
  • Sounds of running water when nothing is being used
  • Continuously running toilets
  • Musty odors coming from the walls or ceilings
  • Discoloration of the walls, ceilings, or flooring
  • Soft or spongy textures of walls or floors
  • Cracked or damp foundations
  • Excessive moisture creating mildew
  • Increased growth of foliage around the property
  • Sewer backup problems that continuously occur

If you notice any one of these signs, you may have a plumbing leak that can lead to significant damage if not repaired quickly. If you don’t know where the leak is coming from, we are here to help! Our trained technicians will do a full assessment of your plumbing system to pinpoint exactly where the leak is.

Water spraying out of broken pipe

Dangers of Water Damage Caused By Plumbing Leaks

If a plumbing leak is not repaired quickly, the damage can be disastrous for your business. In addition to the physical damage done to the property, you and your employees could be exposed to toxic mold and unsafe working conditions. Depending on how long the leak was left untreated, the destruction can be substantial.

Water damage can lead to the weakening of a building’s structure, risk of fire due to electrical damage, uneven flooring that can result in falls, and other dangerous situations. To avoid these issues and the substantial costs that come with them, having a professional plumber check for leaks regularly is a smart move.

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